Olive Oil - Skin Benefits

Natural moisturiser for sensitive skin

The properties in olive oil are gentle and can be absorbed quickly by your skin, making it an excellent
natural moisturizer. Unsaturated fats and Vitamins A and E are the beneficial properties in olive oil – key factors in why olive oil heals dry skin on your face and other areas that often lack natural moisture. 

It is rich in hostile to oxidants like polyphenols that battle against skin harming free radicals.

It contains vitamins An and E that goes about as lotion.

Oil enters profound into the skin to give essential dampness. It repairs and furthermore recovers the skin cells.

It has numerous supplements that will purge and saturate the skin.

It contains polyphenols and oleic corrosive which go about as a hostile to – maturing property.

It contains monounsaturated fats and B and D vitamins that will keep the arrangement of new wrinkles on the skin.

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